International Type Approval

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International Type Approval

Type Approval is nowadays mandatory for smooth importing and marketing of wide range of industrial and end-user radio products.

Regulatory authorities and ministries over the world are responsible for guarantee that new imported products are in compliance with national requirements. The type approval process differs in its complexity and duration from country to country and from product to product.

We make sure that your products get regulatory access to required markets fast and efficiently.

EMEA Consulting Services support its clients worldwide to obtain required type approvals. Our scope of service includes but is not limited to:

One Stop Professional Solutions

EMEA Consulting Services offer its support from the initial step during the development of your product and provides you with the approval requirements and best approval strategy for your target markets, through to preparing the suitable technical compliance folder for each country and providing on-site engineering test support when in-country testing is required.

Our one stop solution appears clearly during the assessment process as we work closely with the regulation authorities to avoid unnecessary delays.

Project Management

Our project managers are the direct interface between our clients and the regulation authorities. From the first step until submission of type approval certificates we provide our clients with constant and close update about the assessment process and interactions.

The first task of our project manager is the pre-review of provided technical documents and test reports. The main responsibility of the project manager is to provide our clients with the compliance information needed for well-planned launch and shipping schedules.

Local Representative Service

For some countries it is required to apply for the type approvals through a local registered company. EMEA Consulting Services provide its service with the needed local representative for all countries.

All of our partners are working on our behalf and are under a non-disclosure-agreement with EMEA Consulting Services.

Due to the fact that type approvals from these countries are mostly transferable, issued approvals can be used by our clients without any restrictions.

Labeling Support

All type approved equipments shall have a legible label permanently to demonstrate compliance of this equipment with the national regulations of a country.

The label establishes a traceable link between a product and the Applicant, which is responsible for placing the product on the market. This link is needed for a successful market surveillance system. The labeling requirements often differ from country to country. EMEA Consulting Services provide you for each country detailed information about the label design, size, content, and any further labeling rules.

Renewal of Limited Approvals

The world of Type Approval is evenly split into two camps. One is issuing approvals which are not limited in their lifetime and the other one issuing approvals which expire.

EMEA Consulting Services consider the limitations and the expiry dates of your type approvals and notify you on time of pending renewals.

Research and Consultancy Services

Our type approval experts are standing by ready to provide you with answers and explanations to your questions.

After many years of depth experience in international type approval sector and global market access requirements EMEA Consulting Services have gained a deep insight into national requirements and disposes of know-how and data-base of regulatory information which enable us to answer your questions immediately.

When your demands go beyond the information we keep on our hand, we can perform an investigation to approach an answer to your specific questions. Our confidential investigations are directed to the official source of information in each country, not only in local native languages, but with the proper cultural considerations.